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Will the Premier back radical right-wing policies

  • Top secret policy development driven by the conservative right
  • Premier needs to reveal his position


The Tasmanian community deserve to know how Premier Will Hodgman will vote on homophobic, racist, ultra-conservative motions at this weekend’s State Liberal Council.

Labor Transparency Committee Chair, Jo Siejka said it was wrong to keep their policy development debates locked behind closed doors.

“Will the Premier support the Southern Young Liberals’ racist attacks on changing place names,” Ms Siejka said.                  [MOTION 2]

“Will he follow Sentor Eric Abetz down the Trump path by backing the motion that calls to end programs aimed at ensuring LGBTIQ kids are free from bullying?                         [MOTION 9]

“Will the Premier again be sleeping through debate on selling off the ABC?                           [MOTION 11]

“How will Hodgman vote on the many grumpy motions calling for an end to global action against climate change?                [MOTIONS 19,20]

“Will he support his Sandy Bay branch chums by voting for compulsory registration for all bike riders?                      [MOTION PART 2, 18]

“And will he be supporting motions aimed at mining coal seam gas, again from the progressive minds of the Sandy Bay Branch?                                [MOTION 25]

“Before the caviar comes out today, the Premier needs to come clean which way he’ll be voting on the Liberals’ big issues.”

Jo Siejka MLC
Transparency Committee Chair