Working Together On Education

We all know our education and training systems will drive our economic growth.

That is why Labor will ensure that education initiatives are supported beyond political cycles.

The Tasmanian Education Partnership

Building on the establishment of the Peter Underwood Centre, a Labor Government will ensure the successful implementation of well researched, evidence based education policy.

Education specialists, families and the community are calling for the depoliticisation of education policy.

To ensure that education initiatives are supported beyond political cycles, a Labor government will establish ‘The Tasmanian Education Partnership’ to deliver on the evidence and research identified by the Underwood Centre.

Working Together

Labor wants a bottom-up approach to tackling education challenges rather than decisions being made from
on high.

The Tasmanian Education Partnership would bring together education peak bodies, parent groups and representatives of industry and workforce groups, along with representatives of each political party and an independent member of the Upper House. The outcomes from the partnership will then inform the Education Department’s objectives.

Political representation is required to ensure that each incoming political party is bound by the long term evidence strategy that is recommended by the Underwood Centre. Governments of the day would have flexibility in levels of funding but would be bound by the initiatives recommended by the Centre and endorsed by the
Education partnership.

This is a bold approach that would ensure that Tasmania’s education strategy is consistent across electoral cycles and that all parties have an obligation to support it without significant amendment.

Jobs For The Future

Labor’s Education Partnership will create an education pathway from kindergarten to the workforce. By working with industry, workforce groups and education specialists Labor’s plan will ensure that Tasmania takes advantage of its strengths in agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, information technology, advanced manufacturing, science research and the creative industries. This will ensure we have a diverse, educated and highly skilled workforce for the 21st century and offer our young people a pathway to fulfilment and achievement.

We need our education and training systems to drive our economic competitiveness within these vital sectors, grow the emerging industries of tomorrow and deliver future prosperity for Tasmania.