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Worst flu season ever approaching but still no winter health plan from Liberals

·         Liberals should match Labor’s policy for free vaccinations

·         Already 683 cases of influenza A this year

·         Liberals’ promised winter health plan still MIA as services pushed to limit

Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne has called on the Hodgman Government to immediately roll out free flu vaccinations to all Tasmanians.

While receiving her flu shot at Epic Pharmacy in Kings Meadows, Ms O’Byrne said the Liberals were failing to protect the community as we enter flu season.

Ms O’Byrne said: “Experts are forecasting this year’s flu season will be one of the worst on record.

“It is high time the Government supports Labor’s plan for a trial of free flu vaccinations for all Tasmanians.

“The Liberals’ glossy brochures claim they will release their winter plan in April-June but it’s already coming too late.

“Labor asked for it in April and now it’s May and we already have 683 confirmed cases of influenza A as our health services are pushed to breaking point.

“It’s unforgivable that during a health crisis Michael Ferguson and Will Hodgman have yet to release Tasmania’s flu plan.

“There have been 683 cases of influenza A recorded already this year, and with Tasmanians among the oldest and poorest in the nation we know this will get worse.

“Our hospitals and ambulance services are stretched to the absolute limit under the Liberals and cannot cope with an influx of patients suffering preventable conditions.

“The Government took too long to act on the meningococcal outbreak last year.  Tasmanians cannot afford another delay.” 

Michelle O’Byrne MP
Deputy Labor Leader