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Younger Tasmanians a priority in Labor’s plan to address mental ill health crisis

  • Labor will increase age for adolescent mental health care to 25
  • Labor will seize opportunity to rebuild mental health services from the ground up
  • Critical that mental health issues are addressed at developmentally crucial time
  • Labor will introduce Child and Adolescent Outreach Mental Health Teams in the North, South and North West

A Majority Labor Government will work hand in hand with leading Australian experts to rebuild services for Tasmanians suffering mental ill health, with a particular focus on adolescents and youths.

Shadow Mental Health Minister Sarah Lovell said younger people presenting with mental ill health symptoms needed greater support and Labor would extend youth services so Tasmanians aged up to 25 could  access treatment.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with leading specialists like Professor Patrick McGorry AO who was in Hobart today to take part in a forum hosted by the Mental Health Council of Tasmania,” Ms Lovell said.

“Professor McGorry is a world-leading researcher in the area of early psychosis and youth mental health and CEO of Orygen, National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

“It’s voices and expertise like his that will be vital to inform and guide the initiatives a Majority Labor Government will put in place, particularly around the expansion of youth mental health services to Tasmanians aged up to 25.

“Labor will listen to the experts and those at the frontline and value their input.

“What happens during adolescence can have long-lasting and wide reaching effects, impacting on younger Tasmanian’s ability to enter training or employment.

“Labor will develop two new mental health facilities for Tasmania, one of which will specifically cater for youth and adolescent patients.

“We will address the crisis with Psychiatric Emergency Nurses on all shifts in emergency departments to cope with increased presentations, we will work with clinicians to find a suitable location for up to 10 additional mental health beds to provide a total of 42 acute mental health beds in or close to the Royal Hobart Hospital.

“We will repurpose the empty Millbrook Rise site at New Norfolk to accommodate Tasmanians suffering mental ill health.

“Importantly, we will also focus on services for future generations of Tasmanians and plan for the long term

“It’s critical we provide the support and the accommodation for Tasmanians living with mental ill health as well as their families and carers who face unique challenges.”