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Peter Gutwein must act now to protect Tasmanians

  • Peter Gutwein must close the border to NSW
  • Tasmania can’t afford further COVID outbreaks
  • Swift action will protect Tasmanians

Premier Peter Gutwein must act now to ensue Tasmania stays COVID free.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said with community transmission of the virus in New South Wales and new cases in Victoria, the government should follow the lead of other states and close our borders to NSW to keep Tasmanians safe.

“It’s crucial the government moves swiftly to protect Tasmania from COVID as we all know how devastating this virus can be for our economy and community,” Ms White said.

“We saw the shocking consequences of this virus last year with 13 people losing their lives and hospitals shut down and we need to take appropriate action now to protect our community.

“We have a vulnerable population, a health system that is already stretched to capacity and a public health workforce that is exhausted and we can’t afford to see further outbreaks here in Tasmania.

“We have an opportunity now to keep Tasmania COVID free and quite frankly I am surprised the Premier is taking so long to make the decision to close our borders to NSW.

“Despite having a national cabinet in place, it is concerning that there still isn’t a nationally consistent approach to this virus.

“We know from experience that the best way to protect Tasmanians is to act swiftly and while we understand the impacts to the tourism and hospitality industry, the greater risk to the economy and community is further transmission in Tasmania.”

Rebecca White MP
Labor Leader