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40 Days since Parliament last sat

We are nearly half way through the year and the Tasmanian Parliament has sat for a total of just nine days.

That is just nine days for representatives to scrutinise the government and debate legislation.

This government did not want to sit because they were afraid and that is what lead to a 40 day absence from Parliament.

This is a divided government in chaos which fears legitimate scrutiny. We are reminded of this when we look at the fractured relationships on the government frontbench.

Three MPs have resigned, a third of the Cabinet has quit, Parliament was cancelled for over a month and we now have a weak Premier Tasmanians didn’t choose. This is not the stable government Tasmanians were promised at last year’s early election.

The chaos of the Rockliff-Ferguson Government has allowed for the economy to continue to worsen, with the latest CPI data showing the highest inflation in over 20 years at 5.8 per cent, well above the national average.

And while the cost of living soars, 4,405 Tasmanian families are stuck on the housing wait list and 9,972 Tasmanians languish on the elective surgery waiting list.

A weak new Premier leading a damaged economy is not what Tasmanians voted for a year ago.

Dean Winter MP 
Leader of Opposition Business