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Ambulance crews stretched to limit – yet again – on Courtney’s watch

  • Minister cannot answer questions on why ambulance crews remain at capacity
  • Horror start to new year for frontline health staff
  • Situation not getting any better under Courtney – only worse

The horror start to the new year for ambulance crews and patients has continued without any solution from the Gutwein Government with frontline health staff again today stretched to breaking point.

Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said surge level four had been declared at the Royal Hobart Hospital with patients ramped in ambulances as temperatures soared beyond 30 degrees.

“With temperatures at those levels today, ambulance crews cannot call on police or fire crews to back them up because there are simply not enough resources to go around,” Ms Lovell said.

“We have an unacceptable situation where crews are stretched to capacity – and at least one patient reportedly lying on the floor in an emergency department – but what’s equally unacceptable is that the Health Minister Sarah Courtney simply cannot answer crucial questions.

“The Minister claims to have put extra resources in place and today when asked about the situation she could only say she was monitoring it.

“Clearly that is not working and clearly the Minister has little comprehension of the ordeal both crews and patients are dealing with.

“This government must address the health crisis and give the frontline the resources it desperately needs because it’s abundantly clear at the moment there are just not enough to go around.

“The entire start to the new year has been a horror show for crews at both ends of the state and under this Minister and this government it is not getting any better – only worse.”

Sarah Lovell MLC  
Shadow Minister for Health