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Anti-Salmon campaign unacceptable

The Anti-Salmon advertising campaign appearing on the mainland is unacceptable and an attack on Tasmanian jobs.

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Water Janie Finlay said the Salmon industry was an important part of Tasmania’s economy.

“Tasmanians are proud of our salmon industry’s success,” Ms Finlay said.

“Yet what we are now seeing is an industry mired with controversy, and a Minister that won’t do anything about it.

“Minister Barnett and this Liberal Government should be using Tasmania’s rich body of marine scientists to continually improve what is already the best salmon industry in the world and proudly share the stories of the local families and local communities who make this industry great. They need a champion, I’m stepping up, will the Minister?”

Ms Finlay said the government wasn’t providing the leadership the industry clearly needs right now.

“If this government was serious about our salmon industry they would be standing up for them and helping us stay a step ahead of the rest of the world.

“Instead we are seeing thousands of jobs at risk due to advertising billboards that could have been avoided had the government been ahead of the game.

“Tasmanian Labor is a strong supporter of the Salmon industry and are extremely disappointed by this campaign. Our industry is world leading and the government must be doing it’s bit to make sure it stays that way.”

Janie Finlay MP
Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Water