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Archer needs to rule out Mooreville Road court site

The Premier and Member for Braddon Jeremy Rockliff today failed to rule out the Mooreville Road site for the proposed Burnie Court Complex.

Many in the community remain concerned that the government will perform another backflip and push ahead with the Mooreville Road site, despite strong opposition.

The government has claimed to have listened to the Burnie community and in March it seemed it would finally act in the best interests of Burnie businesses, residents and the legal fraternity.

Today in the Parliament Premier Rockliff weakly avoided making a clear commitment to the people of Burnie.

In the absence of leadership from Mr Rockliff on this important matter it is now up to the embattled Minister for Justice Elise Archer to rule out the Mooreville Road site once and for all.

Anita Dow MP  
Labor Member for Braddon