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Barnett goes from lies to threats

In another astonishing media performance, the Energy Minister Guy Barnett has threatened the media with a defamation case if they publish the fact he lied to Tasmanians this morning on radio. 

This morning on TasTalks radio, Guy Barnett told Tasmanians that energy price increases had nothing to do with his broken promise of delinking from the National Electricity Market.

This claim is blatantly untrue, as acknowledged by the Tasmanian Economic Regulator in its announcement of the 11.88 per cent price increase on electricity.

In the same press conference, he bizarrely tried to claim that power prices were going down – when every single Tasmanian can see their bills skyrocketing.

Instead of baseless legal threats, Mr Barnett should apologise to Tasmanians first for the 12 per cent price increase resulting from his broken promises, and second for trying to mislead Tasmanians about the real cause of the power price rises.

Dean Winter MP  
Shadow Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction