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Barnett’s “solution” to electricity bill crisis is a cruel hoax

Failed Energy Minister Guy Barnett has followed his sheer incompetence on electricity bills with a cruel hoax on Tasmanians who most need help in a cost of living crisis.

Following his abject failure on power bills which will rise by 12 per cent because he abandoned the government’s key energy policy to de-link Tasmania from the National Electricity Market, Mr Barnett has attempted to cover his tracks today with a series of re-announcements and so-called initiatives which will do little to help struggling families.

His “announcement” of a one-off payment to pensioners will barely cover half the of the electricity price increase and does nothing for Tasmanians who are struggling with the cost of living.

Loans of $10,000 are no use to Tasmanians struggling to make ends meet week-to-week.

And Mr Barnett is also taking credit for removing an aurora+ charge that he introduced when in fact he was prepared to do nothing before Labor raised the issue of the additional charge – and this is already factored into the price rise anyway.

Mr Barnett along with Jeremy Rockliff have to accept responsibility for a mess they have created and which will see families struggle even further with no help from the Liberal Government.

Dean Winter MP  
Shadow Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction