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Bumbling Minister crumbles under COVID pressure

The Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff has given another shambolic performance in Parliament, leaving Tasmanians none the wiser about what to expect when our borders reopen in three weeks.

Shadow Health Minister Anita Dow said the constant flip-flopping on how COVID will be managed is part of an emerging and alarming pattern from the Liberals.

“When planning for the 15 December border reopening, the government began by saying all travellers coming to Tasmania would require a negative test result,” Ms Dow said.

“Then it was just travellers from hotspots, and only until early January.

“The government initially said all travellers would require proof they had received two doses of a COVID vaccine.

“Then on 18 November, the Premier said the requirement would only be enforced through spot checks, before back-flipping again the next day and saying everyone would in fact be checked.

“At Budget Estimates the Premier said he was demanding a purpose-built quarantine facility from the Commonwealth, then just weeks later said it was unnecessary.

“On Tuesday, Mr Gutwein said the school year could be delayed to ensure primary school students could be vaccinated, before yesterday ruling it out regardless of whether students had been vaccinated.

“When questioned in Parliament today about the constantly changing advice, Mr Rockliff gave another non-answer, which failed to address Tasmanians’ serious concerns, whilst yet again accusing Labor of playing politics with the issue.

“It shouldn’t need to be said again that it is not playing politics to seek clarity from the relevant minister on serious issues being raised by the Tasmanian community.

“The Liberals’ constant flip-flopping is undermining public confidence in their plan to reopen our borders, and the relevant Minister needs to take responsibility instead of squirming under rightful scrutiny.”

Anita Dow MP  
Shadow Health Minister