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Cenotaph concerns highlight stadium flaws

The Premier’s failure to rule out an impact on the Cenotaph is further evidence that his planned $750 million stadium is reckless and ill thought out.

Jeremy Rockliff’s obsession with building a stadium at Macquarie Point in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis was already a bad idea.

And the more we learn about it, the worse it gets, with a clear failure to consult with those who might be affected.

In Parliament this morning, the Premier was given three opportunities to reassure members of the RSL who have expressed concern at the lack of consultation over any potential impact on the Cenotaph.

But, just as he did when asked about other aspects of the stadium, the Premier floundered around, talking up his vague hopes for the “economic opportunities” it will bring.

It’s disrespectful to the RSL for the government to gloss over their questions about any impact on the cenotaph by instead spruiking the supposed economic benefits of building a $750m stadium.

With no business case for the $750 stadium, no consultation with important impacted stakeholders like the RSL and widespread community opposition, it’s time the government woke up and realised they have got their priorities wrong.

Rebecca White MP
Labor Leader