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Children left at risk as child safety faces collapse

The Liberal Government continues to get the basics wrong on the most important issues facing Tasmanians as a leaked document highlights the dire situation at child services.

In the last fortnight we’ve seen Tasmania’s economy tumble down the national rankings, our nurses walk out of our hospitals in despair, new data show the housing crisis is getting worse by the day, Tasmania’s dams fall below the Prudent Storage Level and the Energy Minister try to mislead Tasmanians about power price rises.

Today we see the child safety system on the brink of collapse, with the workforce at breaking point and more than 200 children left in danger without the support of a child safety officer – that’s the equivalent of a medium-sized primary school full of kids in danger.

This Government is lurching from one disaster to another, leaving overworked staff with the insurmountable task of keeping the system running.

Premier Rockliff is facing crises on multiple fronts, he’s too weak to demand better from his Ministers, and he’s got no answers of his own.

Jeremy Rockliff is clearly struggling in his role as leader, and can no longer get the basics right for the most vulnerable people in Tasmania.

Sarah Lovell MLC  
Shadow Minister for Child Safety