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Climate change action continues to receive only lip service under the Liberals

Following the 2016 review of the Climate Change Act which recommended a number of changes be made to the Act, the government has finally tabled the Climate Change Amendment Bill 2021.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said progress on the Bill will continue to be delayed because the Gutwein Government has not left adequate time in the Parliamentary calendar for this important matter to be debated this year.

“More concerningly, the government appears to have failed to take on board a number of sensible suggestions that were put forward through the consultation process, including the AMA Tasmania submission to recognise the impact climate change has on people’s health,” Ms White said.

“In the government’s rush to make it look they were doing something about climate change they have tabled a final bill in the Parliament just 10 days after the closing date for submission on the draft bill.

“The government can’t claim to be serious about listening to the views of the community on climate change given there were over 60 written submission on the draft bill.

“Does Minister Roger Jaensch really think the community will believe that all 64 submissions have been thoughtfully considered or that he has read them, presented them to Cabinet and incorporated them into the final bill by the Office of Parliamentary Counsel before being printed and presented in Parliament today?

“Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our state and our planet and the Climate Change Amendment Bill and all those who made submissions deserve to be treated with more respect by the government.”

Rebecca White MP  
Labor Leader