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Come on Gill, we’ve jumped through enough hoops

The AFL needs to stop treating Tasmanians with disrespect and give us our long overdue and richly deserved AFL licence.

And it is clearer than ever that the Premier Jeremy Rockliff needs to tell the AFL that we don’t need a new stadium to enter the AFL.

If Mr Rockliff and former Premier Peter Gutwein had stood up to the AFL and made it clear we were not going to build a new stadium because it’s not a State Government priority, it’s likely we would have had the licence by now.

We are now way past the original deadline for a decision on the licence, which was August this year.

The AFL business case, prepared by the AFL taskforce headed by Brett Godfrey, never recommended a new stadium – and nor did Colin Carter’s subsequent assessment of that business case, which was commissioned by the AFL.

We don’t need a new stadium to be a part of the AFL and, frankly, it’s a case of the AFL dictating State Government policy and the allocation of precious taxpayers’ money to the Tasmanian Government and its people.

We have two perfectly good stadiums in the state with Blundstone Arena in Hobart and UTAS Stadium in Launceston.

We’ve jumped through all the hoops the AFL has put in front of us but because of the AFL’s habit of moving the goalposts and the acquiescence of the State Government, unfortunately we’re still waiting.

Josh Willie MLC
Shadow Sports Minister