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Cost of Rockliff’s broken power promise laid bare as families take massive hit

The price of Premier Jeremy Rockliff walking away from his key electricity policy has been laid bare with Tasmanian families set to be hit with price increases of more than $200.

Mr Rockliff has abandoned Tasmanian families, as well as small business, struggling under the weight of his incompetent economic management.

With an unaffordable 12 per cent increase to power bills announced this morning, families are now facing a cost of living apocalypse.

Mr Rockliff was offered a solution this week before he jetted off to Canberra when Labor tabled legislation that would have set a price cap of 2.5 per cent price rises on electricity bills for Tasmanian households and small businesses over the next three years. 

But Mr Rockliff and his colleagues voted against dealing with the Bill, putting on full display their disdain and lack of care for Tasmanian families struggling to make ends meet and businesses facing mounting costs.

This was off the back of the Rockliff-Ferguson Government walking away from its key energy policy to de-link Tasmania from the National Electricity Market which the Economic Regulator has said today has left Tasmanians exposed to huge price increases.

With power bills now beyond the average family’s reach, broken promises, soaring cost of living, real wage cuts and ballooning debt, it’s clear Mr Rockliff and his incompetent Treasurer Michael Ferguson are simply not up to the job on the economy.

Dean Winter MP  
Shadow Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction