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Courtney needs to do more than receive a report – she needs to act immediately

Immediate action – not more procrastination – is needed to implement the important recommendations of a report into Tasmanian children involved in the Many Colours 1 Direction program in the Northern Territory.

Shadow Child Safety Minister Sarah Lovell said the Liberal Government should be making the removal of the children from the program an urgent priority after receiving the report of the expert panel today.

“It’s not enough for the Minister for Children Sarah Courtney to say she’s received the report and will now discuss it with her Cabinet colleagues,” Ms Lovell said.

“It’s not enough for Sarah Courtney to be – yet again – attempting to tell Tasmanians that the health and safety of Tasmanian children is her and the government’s number one priority, given what we understand about child protection system under the Liberal Government.

“Up to 80 per cent of investigations by child protection take a month to even begin and the vast majority of investigations take three months to complete – the worst rates in the country – because the Gutwein Government has failed to adequately resource the system over several years.

“The findings of the expert panel are welcome, including that Tasmania should be moving away from the Many Colours program, but it’s incredibly disappointing that today Ms Courtney has said she will do nothing more than seek further advice from her department.

“It’s a mystery what more evidence Ms Courtney requires before she takes action.

“The fact is Ms Courtney has had several months to take action.

“That action is required immediately.”

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Child Safety Minister