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COVID queries reflect community concerns

The Premier’s dismissal of Labor’s questions about the preparedness of Tasmania’s health system for a COVID outbreak shows contempt for Tasmanians with real fears about the delta strain’s arrival in the state.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the questions in Parliament today reflect the concerns of the Tasmanian community.

“The Premier has acknowledged that ‘when we do reopen and travel again, delta will arrive,’” Ms White said.

“So for Mr Gutwein to accuse Labor of playing politics simply by asking about the preparedness of our health system is dismissive and offensive.

“We have heard from ordinary Tasmanians and frontline health staff who have genuine questions about how we will cope and, importantly, how our struggling health system will cope.

“Asking those questions on behalf of Tasmanians is not playing politics – it is representing our constituents and giving them a voice.

“Questioning the government about how many health staff have been trained in the use of life-saving ventilators is not playing politics.

“Questioning the government about how 24-hour care will be provided to patients when hospital and ICU beds are already full is not playing politics.

“Questioning the government about the Prime Minister’s refusal to provide more funding to states and territories to deal with the next phase of the COVID response is not playing politics.

“Tasmanians have worked hard for 20 months to keep our state safe and they deserve answers to these legitimate questions, not dismissal and spin.

“Labor supports all efforts to keep Tasmanians safe but that does not mean overlooking widespread problems in the health system, which are already putting lives at risk.”

Rebecca White MP  
Tasmanian Labor Leader