Labor knows how important education and training is for the future of Tasmania.

We see education as the foundation that allows people to achieve their full potential and believe Tasmanian students should have access to the highest quality education and training no matter where they live.

We believe in lifting educational outcomes for all Tasmanian students – our future is strongest when everyone is included and supported to reach their full potential.

What’s the issue?

Tasmania’s social and economic development is underpinned by the success of our educational outcomes.

We recognise the excellent work done by our teachers, principals, and all members of the school and education community, in often challenging circumstances.

Labor understands the value of lifelong learning and recognises the challenges faced regarding equity of access and breaking educational generational cycles.

That is why we are committed to supporting students to successfully transition through the education system.

Who’s Labor talking to?

Labor has listened to families, students and educators and we are committed to delivering a quality education plan. Evidence shows that quality early learning has positive long-term impacts on educational, social and health outcomes.

What will Labor do?

We understand that teachers need support to develop and share the knowledge and skills they have in order to improve student’s learning experiences.

Labor believes that it is not just what students are learning, but what they can do with what they learn that is important. That is why we are committed to ensuring all students are successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

Key policy elements:

  • Labor’s Tasmanian Education Partnership will support education initiatives beyond political cycles. The Partnership will bring together a wide range of stakeholders and representatives of all sides of politics to inform the objectives of the Department of Education based on long-term evidence based strategy.
  • Labor will make sure that students have access to Pathway Planning throughout their education to provide the skills they need to make crucial decisions about their further education, training or work.
  • Labor will introduce Learning Communities – multi-campus networks of schools, including high schools and public colleges that work together to create a network that encourages students to remain engaged in education. This collaborative approach will ensure that students have access to a full range of learning opportunities and facilities.
  • A Labor Government will not wind back year 11 and 12 in extension schools, but we will ensure that students are not disadvantaged in course choice or their ability to transition to higher learning.
  • Labor will conduct a full review of the costs of participation in public education, including fees, uniform costs, levies and transport. Labor is committed to reducing the cost to families of government education.
  • TasTAFE plays a critical role in getting people job ready. That is why Labor will restore confidence in TasTAFE and guarantee TasTAFE will be allocated no less than 70% of the total pool of skills and training budget to ensure the training needs of key industry sectors are met.
  • Labor will consult with students and implement a student representative structure within TasTAFE so that student’s voices are heard.

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