Labor knows how important education and training is for the future of Tasmania.

We see education as the foundation that allows people to achieve their full potential and believe Tasmanian students should have access to the highest quality education and training no matter where they live.

We believe in lifting educational outcomes for all Tasmanian students – our future is strongest when everyone is included and supported to reach their full potential.

What’s the issue?

Tasmania’s social and economic development is underpinned by the success of our educational outcomes.

We recognise the excellent work done by our teachers, principals, and all members of the school and education community, in often challenging circumstances.

Labor understands the value of lifelong learning and recognises the challenges faced regarding equity of access and breaking educational generational cycles.

That is why we are committed to supporting students to successfully transition through the education system.

Who’s Labor talking to?

Labor has listened to families, students and educators and we are committed to delivering a quality education plan. Evidence shows that quality early learning has positive long-term impacts on educational, social and health outcomes.

What will Labor do?

We understand that teachers need support to develop and share the knowledge and skills they have in order to improve student’s learning experiences.

Labor believes that it is not just what students are learning, but what they can do with what they learn that is important. That is why we are committed to ensuring all students are successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

Key policy elements:

  • Labor’s Tasmanian Education Partnership will support education initiatives beyond political cycles. The Partnership will bring together a wide range of stakeholders and representatives of all sides of politics to inform the objectives of the Department of Education based on long-term evidence based strategy.
  • Labor will make sure that students have access to Pathway Planning throughout their education to provide the skills they need to make crucial decisions about their further education, training or work.
  • Labor will introduce Learning Communities – multi-campus networks of schools, including high schools and public colleges that work together to create a network that encourages students to remain engaged in education. This collaborative approach will ensure that students have access to a full range of learning opportunities and facilities.
  • A Labor Government will not wind back year 11 and 12 in extension schools, but we will ensure that students are not disadvantaged in course choice or their ability to transition to higher learning.
  • Labor will conduct a full review of the costs of participation in public education, including fees, uniform costs, levies and transport. Labor is committed to reducing the cost to families of government education.
  • TasTAFE plays a critical role in getting people job ready. That is why Labor will restore confidence in TasTAFE and guarantee TasTAFE will be allocated no less than 70% of the total pool of skills and training budget to ensure the training needs of key industry sectors are met.
  • Labor will consult with students and implement a student representative structure within TasTAFE so that student’s voices are heard.

Working for Tasmanians to Save TAFE and Create More Apprenticeships

No privatisation

Labor will stop Peter Gutwein’s radical plan to privatise TAFE. Education is our future, and under Labor it will never be for sale.

Labor will make TAFE free

Labor will invest $40 million to provide free TAFE courses in areas of known skill shortages.

This includes construction trades, tourism and hospitality, nursing, and aged and disability care.

This means more jobs for Tasmanians, and more skilled staff for key Tasmanian industries.

Peter Gutwein’s radical privatisation agenda will see student fees increase by 600%.

Labor will rebuild TAFE from the ground up

Labor will invest $17.9 million to rebuild TAFE after 7 years of Liberal cuts.

We will:

  1. Employ 80 new TAFE teachers
  2. Provide 80 paid scholarships to attract teachers from industry
  3. Provide incentives for current teachers to spend time updating their skills
  4. Promote the value of trades and TAFE to students, parents and the public
  5. Establish a TAFE Rescue Taskforce to urgently fix the Liberal damage

Instead of selling TAFE, Labor will rebuild it.

Labor will deliver more training in regional Tasmania

People in regional areas pay the same rates and taxes as people in the cities, and they have every right to expect the same services will be available to them.

Labor will invest $4.6 million in a Regional Delivery Fund, to ensure no student misses out just because of where they live.

Under the Liberals’ radical privatisation agenda, regional campuses will be closed and courses will be cut.

Labor will rebuild TAFE infrastructure

Labor will invest $29 million across the Alanvale, Burnie, Devonport and Clarence campuses to ensure all students have access to high-quality training facilities.

Labor will create 500 apprenticeships for older workers

Apprenticeships give people a chance to build a new career, and give them an income while they learn new skills in a workplace.

But employers can be reluctant to take on adult apprentices because it’s more expensive than taking on a junior.

Labor will provide a $30,000 apprenticeship guarantee for older workers seeking a fresh career start as an apprentice, removing the financial disincentive for employers to take on a mature aged apprentice.

The $15 million program will provide 500 apprenticeship guarantees for workers over 35.

Labor will create Apprenticeships Tasmania

A Labor Government will establish Apprenticeships Tasmania.

Apprenticeships Tasmania will:

  • Support Government contractors to ensure 20% of their workers are apprentices
  • Empower Industry Training Boards to monitor, support and enforce mandated quotas
  • Promote apprenticeships as a career path, link employers and people seeking an apprenticeship, and help to coordinate the delivery of timely regional training

A key first project of Apprenticeships Tasmania will be to establish a centralised online portal where people wanting an apprenticeship can register for a job.

The Liberals have had seven years to address skill shortages and youth unemployment, and they’ve failed.

Rebuilding TAFE from the Ground Up

Tasmania needs a TAFE system that gives people lifelong skills to get a job and aligns with the needs of industry.

Tasmania’s TAFE system has been undermined and neglected by the Liberal Government. Labor will rebuild it.

Under Labor, TAFE will be better staffed, more relevant to industry, and training will be delivered where and how people need it. 

Labor will turn Tasmania’s TAFE system into the engine room of our economy, driving qualifications and employment.

More Teachers, More Relevance

Labor will increase the TAFE teaching workforce by nearly 20 per cent, drawing new teachers and trainers from private and public industry sectors. Labor will fund 80 new, full-time TAFE teaching jobs created over four years. 

Labor will offer six-month scholarships to people from trade or professional backgrounds, so they can become qualified to teach in their area of skill. As well as growing the teaching workforce, this will strengthen industry connections and relevance and ensure graduates are job-ready. 

Labor will also support current TAFE teachers to spend time in the trades they teach, to stay on top of the latest developments in that industry and the needs of employers.

Enhancing Regional Delivery

Many regional centres miss out on TAFE training and that means job seekers miss out on getting qualifications. Labor will connect students with training where they need it by creating a TAFE Regional Delivery Fund to deliver training in partnership with relevant local organisations. 

A More Efficient Training System

Labor will create a Taskforce to review the wider Tasmanian vocational education and training (VET) system. The Taskforce will make recommendations on improving coordination, eliminating duplication and encouraging greater credit transfer within and between private providers, TasTAFE and the University of Tasmania. Planning, governance and delivery processes will also be reviewed. The result will be a more efficient and effective VET system.

Promoting the Value of Vocational Training

Labor will better promote the value of gaining a qualification through Tasmania’s rebuilt and reinvigorated TAFE training system. Enrolling in TAFE and pursuing one of the many respected career paths that follow a TAFE qualification should be highly valued by parents and
students alike.

Total cost of Rebuilding TAFE from the Ground Up over four years: $22.5 million

Rebuilding TAFE from the Ground Up is part of Labor’s Plan for Jobs our fully costed plan that will deliver jobs for 35,000 Tasmanians.

Labor will make TAFE Free

Labor will make TAFE free in areas where there are known skill shortages, including building and construction, tourism, hospitality, agriculture, aged care and disability services.

Over the next four years, Labor’s Free TAFE policy will support 20,000 Tasmanians to get a foot in the door to a good job. Free TAFE will also reduce costs for businesses looking to upskill existing staff or take on an apprentice.

Total cost over four years: $40 million

Creating Pathways to Jobs

More than half of Tasmania’s school leavers are not at work, in training or at university. Too many young Tasmanians don’t know what opportunities are available to them beyond school, or how to access them.

Labor will fundamentally reform in-school career education to connect today’s learners with tomorrow’s jobs. We will do this by ensuring that career awareness programs are embedded in our school system and that it is fundamental in the day-to-day work of schools. We will create new jobs for career educators in schools and colleges, working with local industry to ensure career programs are regionally relevant, and supporting non-government programs to provide intensive support.

Total cost over four years: $18.8 million

Creating Pathways to Jobs is part of Labor’s Plan for Jobs our fully costed plan that will deliver jobs for 35,000 Tasmanians.

Connecting Job Seekers with Work

Tasmanian businesses want to employ locals where they can, but too often have difficulty finding local workers. And people looking for work sometimes don’t know where to start. 

The South East Employment Hub works intensively with local government, business and job seekers to remove barriers to getting a job, and train people so they’re prepared for the jobs business needs.

Labor will fund ten local Jobs Hubs in regional communities across Tasmania, based on the South East Employment Hub model but adapted for local needs. It’s expected the program will help 1000 Tasmanians get into work each year.

Total cost over four years: $17.5 million

Connecting Job Seekers with Work is part of Labor’s Plan for Jobs our fully costed plan that will deliver jobs for 35,000 Tasmanians.

Extension of Outside School Hours Care

To help parents and families to return to the workforce, increase their hours and/or enrol in training, Labor will increase the availability of before and after school care in government schools in Tasmania.

Labor will extend Outside Schools Hours Care to ten additional schools in partnership with the local community to make sure services are designed to support children and meet the needs of families.

Funding of $75,000 will be made available to support administration, facility upgrades and equipment at each of the ten locations.

The Extension of Outside School Hours Care is part of Labor’s Plan for Jobs our fully costed plan that will deliver jobs for 35,000 Tasmanians.

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