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Energy security at risk from Liberals

The energy generation unit that kept the lights on in Tasmania during the 2016 energy crisis will be mothballed from 1 January 2022.

Shadow Energy Minister Dean Winter said the Minister responsible Guy Barnett today in State Parliament refused to explain or defend his decision to mothball the Tamar Valley Power Station’s Combined Cycle Gas Turbine.

“The Minister arrived – unprepared – spoke for 14 minutes of almost unintelligible gibberish, then sat down,” Mr Winter said.

“He refuses to explain his decision to mothball the unit.

“Parliament is the place for the Minister to be accountable. Instead, he refused to admit there will be no gas available to the unit and it will be unavailable for up to two years if it is needed.

“Effectively, Hydro Tasmania will own and maintain an energy generation unit that is unable to actually operate.”

Labor is pursuing this issue in line with the recommendations of both the Government’s Energy Security Taskforce and the Public Accounts Committee.  Both recommended this unit be retained and available and the government accepted those recommendations. 

Dean Winter MP  
Shadow Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction