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Ferguson’s cruel Dynnyrne plan must stop

Over 2500 Tasmanians have signed a petition, vehemently opposing Infrastructure Minister Michael Ferguson’s cruel plan to bulldoze homes to widen Hobart’s Southern Outlet.

Labor Member for Clark Ella Haddad sponsored the petition and was joined by affected residents when she formally tabled the petition in Parliament today.

Ms Haddad said Mr Ferguson should listen to residents and stop recklessly pushing ahead with this plan, a plan that would not actually do what is needed to address the traffic congestion issues on the outlet.

“Minister Ferguson continues to push ahead with his plan to demolish homes on Dynnyrne Road despite strong opposition from residents, and despite the fact the plan won’t address the issue of traffic congestion,” Ms Haddad said.

“Today I tabled the petition signed by over 2500 people calling on the government to stop this project and it is time their voices were heard.

“A short extra strip of road from Olinda Grove to Macquarie Street is not going to fix traffic congestion and the community can see right through this cruel flawed plan.

“Mr Ferguson is planning to unnecessarily demolish people’s homes, plunging them into the most inflated housing market we’ve ever seen, at a time when Hobart is the least affordable city to rent in the nation and the housing crisis continues to grow.

“The Minister’s performance in Parliament today was incredibly disrespectful to residents, and despite saying there would be “far fewer” than 17 homes demolished, it is clear he has no idea what the actual number is.

“Mr Ferguson should stop this project, it is cruel and will not do anything to fix Hobart’s traffic woes.”

Ella Haddad MP  
Labor Member for Clark