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Flint House residents need answers on pending redevelopment

Up to 50 residents of Hobart’s Flint House need answers from the Liberal Government about their future once the property is redeveloped over the next year.

Shadow Housing Minister Ella Haddad said the residents of the boarding house received notice this week that they would need to find alternative accommodation once the redevelopment starts from early next year.

“The government has known for some time now that Flint House had been sold to a private developer and Heritage Minister Roger Jaensch has not provided any answers despite a written request from Labor three weeks ago,” Ms Haddad said.

“This is not news to the government – the sale happened some time ago and there has been an application before the Hobart Council for some time for the development of the property into new townhouses.

“These properties will not be social or affordable housing and, on the private market, will be beyond the reach of the current Flint House residents.

“These residents are becoming increasingly concerned about where they will be able to find suitable alternative accommodation once this redevelopment starts.

“They are increasingly worried about facing the prospect of homelessness.

“With a public housing wait list that already stretches beyond 4,300 families, the Gutwein Government needs to be looking for an urgent solution for these tenants.”

Ella Haddad MP  
Shadow Housing Minister