More jobs for Tasmanians.

Labor will provide free TAFE courses across the building and construction, hospitality, aged care and disability services sectors.

This means jobs for Tasmanians and a boost for our businesses.

It means more apprenticeships and more traineeships. It means it will be easier for businesses to hire qualified staff, and cheaper for tradespeople who take on apprentices. It means elderly Tasmanians will get the level of care they need.

Labor will work with the agricultural sector to introduce the Ag Career Kickstarter. The Ag Career Kickstarter will provide a subsidised training pathway for workers to gain basic skills that will set them up for a career in agriculture.

Under the Liberals, TAFE is broken. They have closed campuses and cancelled courses. Only Labor will stand up for TAFE.

Federal Government statistics show more than half of all Tasmanian school leavers are not working, training or studying. This is the worst result in the country and more than twice as bad as when the Liberals were elected.

Now coronavirus has further eroded the opportunities available to young people. The youth unemployment rate is 15.1%. 6,400 young Tasmanians have lost their jobs since March, and young people account for almost 70% of the full time job losses in Tasmania. Recent modelling has shown Tasmania could lose a further 1,000 apprenticeships unless decisive action is taken now.

At the same time, building, construction and hospitality businesses simply cannot find the qualified staff they need. They are flying in tradespeople and chefs from the mainland to fill the gap. 

With Australia’s oldest population, and highest rate of disability, aged care and disability services face similar problems.

Labor has formed Industry Advisory Councils to hear from businesses, unions and workers in our key sectors about what they need for the future. This policy is one result of this process. Only Labor has a dynamic plan to train people in the industries our economy needs.

Labor will also mandate and enforce that least 20% of labour on government building and construction contracts must be undertaken by apprentices and trainees. This policy will also apply to the civil construction industry. Tasmanians looking for work should get the first chance at an apprenticeship or traineeship.

How many students will benefit?

The policy is expected to provide 5,000 students with the qualifications they need to find jobs in our fastest growing industries. 

How much will the policy cost?

The policy will cost $10 million in its first year. The program will then be evaluated in consultation with industry to determine which courses will be prioritised into the future.

Australian citizens who live in Tasmania. Whether you’re looking for a job, an apprenticeship, or a career change, you will be able to access free training in the building and construction, hospitality, aged care and disability services sectors.

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