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Government fails to act on ambulance breach

  • Privacy of ambulance patients breached
  • Thousands of pages of details published online  
  • How long has the government known

Labor has called on the State Government to come clean on how long it’s known about a serious security breach involving emergency calls to Ambulance Tasmania.

Since last November the private details of everyone who’s called for an ambulance have been published online and the government has done nothing to stop the breach.

Shadow Minister for Ambulance Services Sarah Lovell said while the head of the Health Department told media that she was only made aware of the breach today, it’s inconceivable that it could have gone undetected for all this time.

““To think the personal details including the names, health condition and addresses of patients who have called for an ambulance since November are online for all to see is just horrifying,” Ms Lovell said.     

“To be in a situation where you’re calling an ambulance in the first place is distressing enough, but then to have your personal details posted and kept up online for all this time is too much.

“Minister Sarah Courtney must take immediate action to get this information taken offline.

“Even after it was raised by the media the site remained active.

“What this says about the government’s under-investment in cyber security is seriously troubling.

“But what it says about the government’s disregard for the privacy of Tasmanians is even worse.”

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Minister for Ambulance Services