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Government must provide Parliament with energy security update next week

It was only a few years ago when the Tasmanian Liberal Government almost blacked out the state. Tasmanians are right to not trust this government with energy security.

Hydro Tasmania has today disclosed that it has drawn dam levels down below the Prudent Storage Level.

This is a regulated level updated by Energy Minister Guy Barnett only last year – supposedly to protect Tasmania’s energy security. 

While it is true that rainfall has been lower than expected, it also true that Hydro Tasmania has been heavily exporting since the national energy crisis commenced.

It is extraordinary that Minister Barnett has allowed this to occur less than a year after he made the Energy Co-ordination and Planning Order 2021.

We have had warnings from AEMO around Tasmanian energy security for both gas and electricity – with Minister Barnett being unwilling to provide any detail on how Tasmania plans to mitigate these risks.

Minister Barnett must make a Ministerial Statement to outline Tasmania’s energy security situation in Parliament next week.  

Dean Winter MP  
Shadow Energy Minister