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Government must support small and micro businesses impacted by COVID

Shadow Minister for Small Business Janie Finlay has called on the government to reinstate support packages for business operators as COVID numbers continue to rise.

“With 97 per cent of Tasmanian businesses classified as small business, many of whom are sole operators, the government must act quickly to ensure that impacted Tasmanians are supported during this challenging time,” Ms Finlay said.

“Many small and micro business operators have been impacted by rising COVID case numbers and are struggling to make ends meet, in some instances they have no choice but to close their doors.

“If a customer does not show for an appointment or if a courier or truck driver cannot work due to COVID restrictions, their revenue and livelihood is directly and adversely impact as they are unable to absorb the losses elsewhere.

“The bills and overhead costs don’t just stop.

“In June last year, the Premier confirmed at his own press conference that his government had agreed to a program to support businesses.

“But where is the support now? It is nowhere to be seen and businesses are expected to bear the brunt of this challenging time.

“This is not just about businesses closing their doors but those who are losing trade and having to make complex decisions in the best interest of their workers and the community.

“If the government’s COVID modelling is correct and they are confident that this virus will come and go in waves, then they should reinstate support measures immediately.

“The program is there and it has been used previously. Surely it’s a no-brainer for the government to once again provide this critical support.”

Janie Finlay MP  
Shadow Minister for Small Business