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Government must support vulnerable Tasmanians in support package

It is crucial support measures for vulnerable Tasmanians are included in the COVID-19 support package foreshadowed by the government.

Shadow Housing Minister Ella Haddad said at a minimum the government should put a ban on evictions, secure critical supplies and increase mental health support.

“With a new COVID support package foreshadowed by the government it is crucial it addresses the needs of vulnerable Tasmanians,” Ms Haddad said.

“We know people are losing work and struggling to pay for rent, bills and food. That’s why we are calling for a temporary ban on evictions, consistent with what was previously implemented in Tasmania.

“We are also calling on the government to make free RATs available right across the state along with ensuring people can get transport to get their booster shot if they need it.

“Any support package must also include better mental health support, free high-quality masks for higher risk groups and a guarantee that essential supplies are available to at-risk community members.”

Ms Haddad said it was crucial the government updated their communications strategy with clarity of information vital at this time.

“The government needs to ensure they can reach the most vulnerable people in the community and provide them with clear communication.

“Our public health staff have worked incredibly hard throughout this pandemic and are stretched to the limit. This is why the government must look at increasing the number of staff working on the public health hotline, helping to ensure it can cope with increased demand.

“The most vulnerable people in our community need support and it is vital the government provide it.”

Ella Haddad MP  
Shadow Housing Minister