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Government threatens further jobs as unemployment rate rises to highest in the nation

On a day when it has been revealed that Tasmania has jumped to the highest unemployment rate in the country, the government has put further jobs at risk by adopting Greens’ policy.

Shadow Treasurer Shane Broad said the government have completely backflipped on their previous positions by putting in place the Greens’ policy of a moratorium on the salmon industry, which in their own words, they said they would never do because it would cost jobs.

“On top of the moratorium, the government have snuck out an announcement that they will be locking up 25 thousand hectares of their Future Potential Production Forest, despite them time and time again saying no more lock ups,” Dr Broad said.

“The Premier claims to be right on target for jobs in Tasmania, when the truth is he has missed the target woefully.”

Dr Broad said today’s announcements came as Tasmania’s unemployment rate rose to the worst in the country, above locked-down New South Wales and Victoria.

“Tasmania’s unemployment rate has skyrocketed to the worst in the nation at 5.5%, with 2000 full time jobs lost last month.

“There are now 15,300 people out of work in the state, underemployment has risen up to 8.4% and the youth unemployment rate has hit double figures, now sitting at 10.3%.

“For weeks Labor was calling on the government to increase support for small businesses and now we are seeing the outcome we feared.

“The Liberals talk daily about creating jobs, yet on a day when we learn that 2000 full time jobs have been lost, they decide to put more jobs at risk.”

Shane Broad MP  
Shadow Treasurer