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Government’s inadequate response to ambulance breach

  • Where’s the government’s follow up
  • Has Ambulance Tasmania patient information been secured
  • Have those patients been contacted

The government should be doing everything possible to notify patients who may have had their private details disclosed through the massive Ambulance Tasmania data breach.

Literally thousands of Tasmanians have potentially had their personal details published online and the government has done nothing to identify those affected and what risks they might face as a consequence.

Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said to simply refer the breach to police for investigation is not good enough.

“The government needs to act to reassure Ambulance Tasmania patients that their personal information is now truly secure and that they won’t be exposed to risk or danger from having their details published,” Ms Lovell said.

“It’s possible that people dealing with family violence and highly sensitive custody issues could have been exposed to threatening and dangerous situations by having their whereabouts revealed.

“This raises serious legal questions for the government to answer because of its failure to protect these people’s personal information.

“All Tasmanians are entitled to expect their privacy is respected and for their personal details including their medical condition and their location to be secure.

“We know these thousands of pages of information were online from last November. The government needs to come clean and tell Tasmanians when it first became aware of this breach and what it did in response.

“This is a question of transparency and the government needs to explain to Tasmanians how it allowed such a serious breach of their privacy to occur.”

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Minister for Health