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Gutwein Government takes Tasmania back to square one on crucial TT Line build meaning two years of unnecessary delay

  • Indecision has cost jobs and revenue
  • Decision yet another example of Gutwein’s dithering on crucial infrastructure projects

The Gutwein Government has once again shown it is prepared to dither rather than get on with the job of timely delivery of crucial infrastructure for Tasmania with today’s decision on the TT Line replacement vessels.

Shadow Infrastructure Minister Shane Broad said Peter Gutwein had wasted everyone’s time with his indecision on the vessels before announcing today he is going back to Finnish shipbuilder RMC.

“Finally the Liberals have signed a contract for new Spirit of Tasmania ships after nine months of exhausting every other alternative,” Dr Broad said.

“Despite the spin, the Liberals have been dragged kicking and screaming to this decision.

“If they had signed the contract nine months ago when they had the chance, the first ship would be here this year and we would be seeing a massive boost to our economy. Instead we have another two-year delay.

“This is a Premier and a government that has a history of getting crucial, important infrastructure projects stuck at the pretty picture stage.

“This latest sideshow has been a cruel jobs hoax for Tasmanians that amounts to a major and humiliating backflip by Peter Gutwein.

“The Liberals have failed to deliver a single major infrastructure project for Tasmania over this term of government.

“This saga also breaks a huge promise to deliver the first ships by the end of this year, pushing delivery back by two years until the end of 2023.

“Peter Gutwein’s dithering has cost just the tourism industry hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Respected economist Saul Eslake has been clear that each year of delay means at least $350 million in tourism dollars will not be spent in Tasmania and 6,000 jobs will not be created.

“Peter Gutwein’s track record on infrastructure incompetence is again well and truly on display.”

Shane Broad MP  
Shadow Minister for Infrastructure