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Gutwein’s hypocrisy on land tax

  • Premier promised in opposition to abolish land tax by 2020
  • Blatant land tax grab at time when Tasmanians can least afford it
  • Peter Gutwein talks the talk then fails to help people when it matters

Peter Gutwein’s blatant land tax grab has exposed the Premier and Treasurer’s massive hypocrisy on the issue.

Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said Mr Gutwein promised to abolish land tax by 2020 when in opposition, but has clearly abandoned that commitment, hurting shack owners and mum and dad investors.

“In 2010, Peter Gutwein made a clear commitment as Shadow Treasurer to abolish land tax by this year but, instead, he has now slugged many Tasmanians with a massive tax hike.

“The government has taken action to ensure landlords can’t increase rent during COVID-19, and Labor supports that. But those same landlords are now being slugged with 20 to 40 per cent increases in land tax.

“The government has pressured councils and government businesses to provide rates relief and power bill relief, and other states are either freezing or, in some cases, reducing land tax.

“Yet Peter Gutwein’s government is focused on a massive tax grab.

“The Premier’s fake sympathy will not pay the bills and this increase will force many people to sell their shacks. For some who’ve had the humble shack in their family for generations this will be a massive blow and will undermine a unique part of the Tasmanian way of life.  

“Peter Gutwein has shown that he will say and do what he needs to for political gain, but fail to help people when it really counts. His hypocrisy is breathtaking.”

David O’Byrne
Shadow Treasurer