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Hodgman Government still unable to name projects it claims will be built with massive debt

  • Not one new infrastructure project despite Gutwein and Rockliff’s attempted justification for $1.1 billion debt
  • Incompetent economic management does not build future Tasmania

Almost a fortnight after releasing its train-wreck, debt-driven budget, the Hodgman Liberal Government still cannot point to a single new infrastructure project – the reason it claims it has put Tasmania’s future on a credit card.

Shadow Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne said Estimates hearings today had confirmed Treasurer Peter Gutwein and Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockliff were doing nothing more than using their fantasy infrastructure spending as a smokescreen for their own budget recklessness.

“There is just no truth – not a shred of truth – in the Treasurer’s claim or Mr Rockliff’s claim that they are forcing Tasmania into massive debt to fund infrastructure,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“This budget has no new infrastructure initiatives yet debt levels will balloon to $1.1 billion.

“The fact is infrastructure projects outlined in the budget have been announced previously, many have been delayed in delivery and they have now been carried over.

“Mr Gutwein, in cahoots with Mr Rockliff, is continuing his charade in a blatant attempt to con Tasmanians.

“If he is doing as he says and building new ‘things’, he should be able to provide a comprehensive list of those new projects.

“He cannot because they do not exist.”

David O’Byrne MP 
Shadow Infrastructure Minister