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Housing continues to worsen for Tasmanians

Housing data released today shows that pressure from our state’s housing crisis continues to mount under the Rockliff-Ferguson Government, whether people are waiting for social housing or struggling to rent or buy in the private market.

Successive failed Housing Ministers have made bigger and bolder promises in the housing portfolio. But each one of them has consistently failed to deliver.

The Rockliff-Ferguson Government needs to step up and actually deliver for Tasmanians or admit that they are not up to the task.

There is a crisis at every level of the housing system in Tasmania and the government is failing to take tangible action to fix it. As private sale and rent prices blow through the roof and are out of reach for most Tasmanians, more and more are being pushed into homelessness, and more families risk losing the roof over their heads.

The March housing dashboard shows there are still nearly 4,500 people on the waiting list, and that the average time to wait for priority applicants has increased to a massive 64 weeks, up from 62.6 weeks in February.

That’s well over a year someone in dire circumstances has to wait to get a safe roof over their head. In the meantime people are sleeping rough, couch surfing, and staying in unsafe living conditions including not being able to leave violent relationships.

Tasmanians deserve better from their government. The Rockliff-Ferguson government is continuing the Liberal legacy of failing to deliver the basics for Tasmanians.

Ella Haddad MP
Shadow Housing Minister