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Jaensch does not want Tasmanians to know the true extent of housing and homelessness crisis

  • Crucial data now almost two weeks late as unbridled government secrecy continues
  • Deeply deceptive, incompetent Minister determined housing crisis be hidden
  • Jaensch needs to update housing and homelessness information today

Critical information about the true extent of Tasmania’s housing and homelessness crisis remains hidden in the government’s bottom drawer almost two weeks beyond a deadline for its release.

Shadow Housing Minister Alison Standen said the Human Services Dashboard – which contains important data about the number of Tasmanian families without a roof over their heads – needed to be updated today.

Ms Standen said Housing Minister Roger Jaensch had again broken his commitment to update the information each quarter and the latest information from last June – published last September – was now dangerously out of date.

“Why does Minister Jaensch delay the release of this information every quarter?” Ms Standen said.

“This data was due at Christmas and Mr Jaensch needs to update it today and if not, he needs to provide a plausible reason why not.

“This Minister has recently admitted he has delivered a net increase of only five new social housing properties over the past year and he does not want Tasmanians to have new information to expose the extent of the housing and homelessness crisis.

“The data from last June released in September shows 3,373 Tasmanian families were on the waiting list for a home.

“It shows they would wait an average of almost 64 weeks to get that home, compared to a record low of 20 weeks at the time the Liberals assumed government more than six years ago.

“Rental affordability continues to decline and despite mounting calls to regulate the short stay accommodation sector, this hands-off government refuses to intervene to relieve housing stress.

“The state of housing was already shocking at the last Dashboard update but is it a fact that it’s become even worse now under this incompetent Minister?

“Only Roger Jaensch can answer this essential question and he needs to do it today.”

Alison Standen MP
Shadow Minister for Housing