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Jaensch must give reform best chance to succeed

Labor has called on Minister for Local Government and Planning Roger Jaensch to include Legislative Council members at the proposed working group meeting to give the Local Government reform the greatest chance of success.

Shadow Minister for Local Government and Planning Anita Dow said Labor has a firm position that representatives from the Legislative Council should be included in this process from the beginning.

“The March 2021 PESRAC report strongly recommends that local government reform must be backed by all political parties and by the Legislative Council,” Ms Dow said.

“The absence of the involvement of the Legislative Council in initial discussions would seem at odds with the intent set out in the PESRAC recommendation.”

Ms Dow said Labor has written to the Minister requesting the Legislative Council be present at the first working group meeting.

“Labor has written to Minister Jaensch on two occasions outlining our intention to participate and our suggestion to improve the initial process on this important issue.

“It is unclear why Minister Jaensch has chosen not to include the Legislative Council in this initial meeting and we would encourage him to reconsider his position in line with the independent recommendations of PESRAC.”

Anita Dow MP  
Shadow Minister for Local Government and Planning