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Jobs recovery falters, unemployment climbs in Hobart and northern Tasmania

  • 9.5% unemployment in the north of the state
  • 8% across west and northwest
  • 27 job seekers for every vacancy, 28 week average job hunt 

A regional breakdown of job figures released today shows a seriously worrying trend, with unemployment in northern Tasmania climbing to 9.5%.

The unemployment rate is also up for the Greater Hobart area.

Total employment numbers since February show more than 11,000 Tasmanians are still out of work across the state and job losses in Tasmania are running more than 50 percent higher than the national average.

Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said it’s a sad fact that thousands of Tasmanians are without a job and ours is the only state still shedding jobs.

“Unfortunately these figures expose Peter Gutwein’s calls for cautious optimism as the hollow words they are.

“”There are 27 Tasmanian job seekers for every advertised job and yet Peter Gutwein keeps telling us what a great job he’s doing for our state.”

The median time Tasmanians spend searching for a job is 28 weeks, also the highest in the country.

“The lack of urgency on jobs from this government is nothing short of alarming and Peter Gutwein cannot continue to turn a deaf ear to the employment needs of so many Tasmanian workers and their families.”

David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Treasurer