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Labor backs Luke Edmunds’ plan for energy inquiry

It is two months today since the Liberals announced they would not de-link Tasmania from the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Because they didn’t, prices have gone up by almost 12 per cent for every Tasmanian household.

There has never been a good explanation for why they have abandoned the policy to put Tasmanians first.

Alderman Luke Edmunds’ suggestion that the Parliament should inquire into the abandonment of the de-linking policy and the resulting massive price rises is sensible and a good example of the sort of contribution he would make to the Parliament.

Labor understands that Treasury was tasked with working on options to allow Tasmania to de-link from the NEM whilst still allowing for growth and development in the renewable energy sector. 

With Minister Guy Barnett incapable of answering questions, it is important for the Parliament to examine this policy decision and the resulting price rises. 

Dean Winter MP
Shadow Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction