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Labor commits $8 million to improve the health of the Tamar River estuary

  • Labor’s policy will draw people and native species back to the Tamar
  • Revegetation of the mudflats a key element to restoring river health
  • Targeted dredging contingent on TEMT scientific report

A Majority Labor Government will commit $8 million to improving the health of the Tamar River estuary to encourage more locals, tourists and native species back to the river.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said $4 million would be committed to restoring the natural and aesthetic values of the upper Tamar estuary and improving recreational and tourist access to the foreshore.

“The Tamar River is a special place for many people. It is a gathering place for locals and tourists and provides many opportunities for recreational and sporting activities,” Ms White said.

“The upper Tamar estuary is an internationally-recognised important bird area so our plan to revegetate the mudflats will not only improve the overall health of the estuary, but also help restore habitat and attract many birds and other native species back.

“This work, along with the creation of new boardwalks and signage, will also significantly enhance the aesthetics and make it a more attractive place for locals and tourists to visit.”

Labor will also match the Liberal Government’s commitment to provide $4 million dollars for targeted dredging in the upper estuary, however, unlike the Liberals, this funding is contingent on the outcome of a crucial scientific report.

“It was disappointing to see the Liberals pre-empting the Tamar Estuary Management Taskforce scientific report into sedimentation management options,” Ms White said.

“Labor would wait for the release of this report before undertaking any dredging. We understand that dredging is only a short term solution and once you start the process, it needs to be continued to have any real impact.

“Dredging also brings other complex issues like how to deal with the contaminated waste taken out of the river through the dredging process which takes up space in landfill.

“Tasmanian Labor wants to see a long term solution to sedimentation in the Tamar and that is why we must wait for the TEMT report and examine all options carefully.”

Rebecca White MP 
Labor Leader