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Labor will do the job on power prices after Rockliff’s broken promise

Labor has introduced a Bill to ensure Tasmanian families and businesses will not experience electricity price shocks after the chaos in the national energy market – doing the job the Rockliff-Ferguson Government and missing-in-action Energy Minister Guy Barnett have failed to do.

Labor’s Bill would cap power prices at 2.5 per cent following the government abandoning their policy to reduce energy prices during a cost of living crisis in favour of building Marinus.

This is a government that doesn’t care about the cost of living.

In 2018, they promised to undertake an exit from the National Electricity Market to reduce prices but they have now admitted to dumping that policy.

The government’s performance on energy has been an abject failure – so serious that just yesterday the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) had to issue a warnings about maximum power load interruptions across Tasmania.

There is chaos in the national electricity market and Tasmania is exposed to that failure because Mr Barnett is a Minister with a plan to make more plans but no plans to actually do anything to address cost of living pressures.

If Premier Rockliff, Treasurer Ferguson and particularly Minister Barnett aren’t going to do their job to protect Tasmanians from massive bill shock, Labor will do it for them.

Dean Winter MP  
Shadow Energy Minister