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Labor will reinvigorate volunteer ambulance services to solve Gutwein’s health emergency mayhem

  • Gutwein’s cuts leave Tasmanians without paramedics, ambulance services
  • Gutwein’s lack of support sees ambulance volunteer officers leaving the service
  • Labor will recruit 510 additional volunteer officers over next four years

A Majority Labor Government will provide real support to Tasmania’s volunteer ambulance officers to help boost the state’s life saving paramedic and ambulance services.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said after Peter Gutwein’s $1.6 billion in cuts to the health and hospital system over his seven years as Treasurer, Tasmania’s ambulance waiting times are now the worst in the country and Labor is committed to recruiting 510 volunteer ambulance officers over the next four years.

“You only have to look at the chaos at the Royal Hobart Hospital this week to understand the devastating impacts of Peter Gutwein’s attack on health with ambulance ramping at unprecedented levels,” Ms White said.

“As Treasurer, Peter Gutwein has presided over seven years and $1.6 billion in health cuts. He owns this crisis. Yet, nothing he has said during this election campaign will fix it and he has no plan to solve it.

“Tasmania just cannot survive 11 years of a Liberal government neglecting health.”

Shadow Health Minister Dr Bastian Seidel said Peter Gutwein’s cuts to emergency services have left Tasmanians without vital paramedic and volunteer ambulance services.

“In particular, ambulance volunteer officers have been taken for granted and left unsupported over the past seven years, resulting in volunteers leaving the service,” Dr Seidel said.

“We need a genuine commitment to support and recruit volunteer ambulance officers in all of our regional areas.

“Labor will provide an additional $5.1 million to recruit 510 volunteers, as well as appointing two full-time recruitment and volunteers support officers. We will ensure that all volunteer ambulance officers are supported with the latest equipment and uniforms.

“We will also ensure ongoing and continuous training and opportunities for new recruits and current officers through TAFE and fund appropriate equipment and uniforms.

“Labor will start working from day one to improve the health of all Tasmanians, something Peter Gutwein has fundamentally failed to do over the last seven years as Treasurer.

“To solve the health crisis there is only one choice this state election. You must vote 1-5 for Labor.”

Rebecca White MP
Labor Leader

Bastian Seidel MLC
Shadow Health Minister