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Labor will work with industry to drive economic development

  • Industry Advisory Councils to help develop policies that drive economy
  • Working to bridge disconnect between industry, jobseekers and policy makers
  • Labor to proactively engage with industry and unions

The Labor Party will forge ahead with its popular election promise to set up advisory councils across key economic sectors of the Tasmanian community and work with industry and unions to develop the policies it would implement in government.

“The most common complaint I hear from businesses is that our education and training system is not linked to the skills needs of industry,” Ms White said.

“Too often these businesses cannot recruit because of a lack of available skills.

“Just a fortnight ago a major employer on the North-West Coast told me he would put on three highly skilled workers tomorrow if he could find the right young people with the skills.

“At the same time youth and regional unemployment in Tasmania remain unacceptably high with many people keen to find work but unclear about the pathway to meaningful employment.

“Clearly there is a disconnect.”

During the election Labor proposed the establishment of eight Industry Advisory Councils across key sectors of the economy:

  • Minerals, Energy and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Innovation and Information and Communication Technologies
  • Primary Industries and Forestry
  • Education, Science, Research and the Antarctic
  • Tourism, Hospitality, Festivals, Heritage (built and natural environment) and the Arts
  • Building, Construction and Infrastructure
  • Wellbeing, Care and Community Development
  • Employment, Regional Development and Trade

Because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from business leaders, the workforce and industry, Labor will work constructively from opposition, charging each IAC with providing direct input into the development of policy and funding decisions, particularly when it comes to skills and training.

“Labor will not wait until we are in government to set up this invaluable consultative mechanism,” Ms White said.

“Together with the relevant shadow Ministers I will be writing to key stakeholders in each industry sector inviting them to join the Industry Advisory Council relevant to their sector.

“Labor is committed to building trust, respect and engagement with industry. The IACs will be a key part of that strategy.

“The IACs will be tasked to help further develop Labor policy, as well as provide an avenue for industries to share their ideas and feedback.

“The IACs will provide proactive engagement between industry sectors, unions and the Labor Party.

“What we have heard from industry is that this government is only interested in engaging when it is in their interests – not when the going gets tough.

“What will emerge from this process are an aligned set of policies and objectives that Labor will articulate in the lead up to the next election.”