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Labor’s plan to Shape Our Future Together

Opposition Leader Rebecca White today used her budget reply speech to outline Labor’s economic vision centred around the Tasmanian brand.

Ms White said our shared pride as Tasmanians and understanding about what sets us apart can be the thing that unites us and Tasmania should be synonymous with quality and innovation.

“Labor believes that a fairness agenda is a good economic agenda because when we invest in people then the economy does well too,” Ms White said.

“Despite the rhetoric, the Liberal Government is delivering deficits and debt with this budget and no real plan to tackle the priority issues Tasmania faces.”

Ms White reiterated her view that education is the common link between social and economic prosperity.

“Labor’s offer of a bipartisan approach to education policy, incorporating education experts and organisations, is still available even four years after it was first offered,” Ms White said.

“If we can’t set aside our political differences to deliver outcomes that are in the best interests of our children then we truly have lost sight of what we are here to do.”

Ms White reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to preventative health initiatives that are needed to address Tasmania’s higher rates of preventable diseases.

“The Liberal Government has failed to meaningfully tackle the causes of poor health or invest in programs to keep people out of hospital.

“It is not a golden age when people are stuck on hospital waiting lists or sleeping in tents.”

That is why Labor today announced its commitment to inclusionary zoning that will help increase affordable housing supply in Tasmania.

Ms White announced that Labor will embark on a comprehensive community consultation process, Shaping our Future Together.

The process will involve community forums in suburbs and towns where Tasmanians will be asked to share their ideas of what future they want for our state.

“We will also engage constructively with the business community with the establishment of eight Industry Advisory Councils across key areas of the Tasmanian economy.

“Too often politicians attempt to impose ideas from on high, without first asking the people what future they want for themselves and their families.

“Our greatest asset is our people and we want to tap into that resource to ensure all of our policies reflect the needs and ambitions of Tasmanians.

“While losing elections is a hard thing, the positive outlook is that it allows us more time to ensure our policy platform tackles the critical issues that confront our state.

“Our team is bigger, rejuvenated and passionate about making Tasmania a better place.

“We want to ensure our engagement with Tasmanians is first class. And over this term we will tap into the expertise of the Tasmanian community.”