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Labor’s support for disability enterprises will create jobs and secure future for hundreds of workers

  • Government departments must support disability enterprises
  • Liberal Government ignoring job losses in disability sector
  • Supporting Tasmanians living with disability into jobs should be a priority

Supporting Tasmanians living with disability to access jobs is a key Labor commitment after seven years of failure by the Liberals.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said a Labor Government would mandate government agencies to spend two per cent of their supplies and consumables budgets with Australian Disability Enterprises.

“This will inject $26 million into those businesses and support the creation of 300 jobs across a wide range of industries,” Ms White said.

“Disability Enterprises across Tasmania provide broad opportunities to Tasmanians living with disability across a range of industries including packaging, assembly, production, recycling, screen printing, cleaning services and nursery and landscaping services.

“They offer Tasmanians living with disability the chance for inclusion and the opportunity to contribute to their community. But during the COVID pandemic, nearly half of the 450 Tasmanians they employ worked from home and their jobs are now at risk with the winding back of JobKeeper.

“The industry has called on the Liberal Government to provide support, but they have been ignored.

“Labor’s fully costed jobs plan, Working for Tasmania, will support business growth in the disability sector and underpin creation of secure jobs in that sector.”

Shadow Disability Minister Jo Siejka said access to transport is essential to help people get to work or training but the Liberals had slashed taxi subsidies for Tasmanians living with disability.

“Working age people with disability are twice as likely to be unemployed and limited transport options contribute to that, especially in regional areas,” Ms Siejka said.

“But the Liberal Government have cut taxi subsidies from $1000 a year to just $350 and, alarmingly, there is also the additional prospect of the subsidy being scrapped altogether from 2022.

“It’s a shameful track record and excludes some of our most disadvantaged Tasmanians. 

“Labor will reinstate a $1000 taxi subsidy, increasing it from the current level which is far too low.

“The scheme will be available to Tasmanians living with disability to access jobs, education, training and appointments.”

Rebecca White MP  Labor leader

Jo Siejka MLC
Shadow Disability Minister