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Liberals divisions deepen over stadium

The State Liberals are a divided mess.

A second stadium in Hobart is the wrong priority for our state and more and more Liberal Party members are speaking out against it and the Premier himself.

Liberal Braddon MP Gavin Pearce and Liberal Senator Wendy Askew have joined Liberal Senator Jonathon Duniam and Liberal Bass MHA Bridget Archer in voicing their disapproval at Premier Rockliff’s priority project.

Today’s Examiner and Advocate ask the most pertinent question, why did Liberal powerbroker Senator Duniam feel the need to intervene?

Senator Duniam knows that Mr Rockliff is ‘all-in’ on the stadium, yet he chose to attack the Premier’s position through multiple hits in the media.  There are now serious doubts about the Premier’s support within the Liberal Party. 

Tonight, Lara Alexander, who is one of a number of Liberal MPs yet to publicly support the stadium, will hold a seminar at Parliament to support the campaign which is opposed to Jeremy Rockliff’s conversion therapy ban.

How many Parliamentary Liberal Party members will attend this seminar and further undermine Mr Rockliff?

The Liberals are also split on Parliamentary standards with one standard applying to Ministers and a lesser standard being applied by the Premier to himself.

Minister Nic Street corrected the record yesterday for misleading the Parliament on where the money for the Liberals sports rorts slush fund came from, but the Premier, who made the same claims, did not.

Dean Winter MP
Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly