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Liberals’ lack of action on Airbnb has contributed to Tasmania’s housing crisis

  • Liberals have deregulated homestay to the most unregulated position in Australia
  • Labor committed to working with sector to address housing affordability crisis
  • Tasmanians being driven out of housing and rental markets

A Majority Labor Government will address the Tasmanian housing crisis which the Liberals have not only ignored but contributed to with a lack of action around Airbnb.

Shadow Housing Minister Josh Willie said deregulation by the Liberals on the homestay industry had led to an impossible situation for Tasmanian renters facing a situation where one in every 27 Hobart homes is now listed on Airbnb.

Mr Willie said a University of Tasmania study into the homestay sector released today showed there were 876 stand-alone homes in Hobart listed on Airbnb and those figures had a huge impact on the housing and rental market.

“The Liberal Government has just not acted to put regulation in place and the result has been devastating for Tasmanians to the point where families looking for a lease on a rental property are now living in tents,” Mr Willie said.

“We are the most unregulated Airbnb market in the country and this needs to be evaluated.

“Labor acknowledges that housing and housing affordability is an extremely complex area and that a long-term coordinated approach is needed.

“A Majority Labor Government will commit $106 million to a sweeping range of initiatives to get Tasmanians housed and keep them housed.

“Our determined effort to address the housing affordability crisis will help more than 12,000 Tasmanians into new or improved housing.

“We understand that the sharing economy has had a significant disruptive impact on a range of markets. The Liberals do not understand that.

“We want to further understand the impact that home sharing businesses is having on the availability of rental properties in Tasmania. The Liberals have no intention of doing the leg work in this area.

“That’s why Labor will establish a working group with key stakeholders including TasCoss, experts from the University of Tasmania, government, REIT and home sharing websites to develop strategies to ensure the sector minimises its impact on the rental market.”