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Liberals must support Tasmanian prices for Tasmanian power

The Liberals must take the opportunity to demonstrate their support for struggling Tasmanian families and businesses by backing Labor’s legislation to cap power prices.

Since the Liberal government abandoned its “Tasmania First” energy policy and exposed the state to chaos in the national market, prices have gone up by 12 per cent. 

Analysts are predicting prices will go up by a further 20-25 per cent by the middle of next year, adding another $500 to the average annual household bill – with an even more significant impact on many businesses.

Already this year, the government has voted down Tasmanian Labor’s legislation which would have capped power prices for households and businesses.

Labor has tabled another Bill, this time to cap prices from next financial year.

If the Premier really cares about Tasmanians doing it tough amidst the cost-of-living crisis, he and his government will support this legislation and give them the relief they so desperately need.

Every day the government refuses to act, is another day of uncertainty and higher prices that Tasmanians can’t afford.

There is no excuse for Jeremy Rockliff and the Liberals not backing Labor’s legislation allowing Tasmanians to pay Tasmanian prices for Tasmanian power.

Dean Winter MP
Shadow Minister for Energy