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Liberals prioritise stadium over housing

The Government needs to come clean on whether it is currently in negotiations with the developer of the Escarpment to pay them to not build houses in the middle of a housing crisis.

Premier Jeremy Rockliff has admitted that, after pouring nearly $130 million into Macquarie Point over the past decade, the government is now looking to build a new Hobart stadium at the site.

This would leave yet another Macquarie Point masterplan in tatters and will prevent the $100 million dollar housing development proposed at the Escarpment from going ahead.

While the Liberals obsess about a new stadium, nearly 4,500 families are waiting for social housing, and the average wait time since they came to government has more than quadrupled from 21 weeks to a staggering 90 weeks – or nearly two years.

The Liberals have failed to get the basics right on housing for nearly a decade.

It now appears the government is actively choosing to build a stadium over housing in the middle of a housing crisis.

Rebecca White MP  
Labor Leader