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Liberals put a $750m floating stadium ahead of the wellbeing of Tasmanians

The Rockliff-Ferguson government continues to fail Tasmanians, focussing on a $750m floating stadium instead of helping families with the cost-of-living crisis.

Frontline workers in Tasmania, including nurses, teachers and firefighters, are paid significantly less than their mainland counterparts. 

With prices rising much faster than wages in Tasmania, workers and families are going backwards at a record rate.

Yet Mr Rockliff implied that Tasmania can’t afford to give nurses, teachers and firefighters a pay rise that keeps up with cost-of-living increases.

For many, houses and rent are unaffordable, while other costs like food, transport, petrol and insurance are all skyrocketing.

To make matters worse, the Rockliff-Ferguson government is adding to the struggle with an unfair new bin tax, water and sewerage bill increases and fee increases.

The new Premier has also refused to guarantee that residents of subsidised housing programs – including aged care residents and disability pensioners – won’t be evicted into homelessness as their support program ends.

The Rockliff-Ferguson government has failed to deliver the basics for the Tasmanian people and the economy. Instead of focussing on a floating stadium, it needs to get its priorities right and deliver real help for everyday Tasmanians.

Shane Broad MP
Shadow Treasurer