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Liberals to blame as Tasmanian power prices face another surge of up to 20 per cent

Tasmania’s power price pain looks set to worsen, with forecasted increases of up to 20 per cent entirely due to the Liberal Party’s broken promise on power prices.

Today’s announcement by the Australian Energy Regulator shows national prices are set to increase by over 20 per cent over the next financial year. While that determination doesn’t directly impact Tasmanians, it is likely Tasmanian prices will follow suit.

Despite this forewarning, after nearly a decade under the Liberals we’ve still only got utter confusion about Tasmania’s energy policy.

Tasmanians deserve to pay Tasmanian prices for Tasmanian power, and we’ve only got the Liberals to blame that we’re not.

Tasmanians need a government with a clear and decisive plan to support Tasmanian families and businesses, not one full of broken promises and unclear relief.

Tasmanian Labor has a policy of capping power price increases at 2.5 per cent. Labor’s policy would stop these unfair increases and save households around $500 a year and businesses thousands.

We would also apply a power rebate for larger contracted customers, who’ve seen their prices double and in some cases triple over the last nine months.

To make things worse, Energy Minister Guy Barnett still hasn’t corrected the record after he was caught out lying to Tasmanians about the Liberals’ broken promise to disconnect from the National Electricity Market – the very broken promise that caused all this power price hardship in the first place.

Dean Winter MP
Shadow Minister for Energy & Emissions Reduction